the Fruit Station -

1st Fruit Restaurant

Fruit- it’s our business and our passion.

The Fruit Station is a small, veteran, and family-owned business with a unique approach to fruit and the restaurant industry.

The idea started in our kitchen in 2012 and has evolved from a kiosk to an online business and catering, to a full-service restaurant.

Fresh fruits prepped on-site. The Fruit Station is an innovative concept combining local, organic, fresh and high quality produce in delicious fruit-centric recipes. 


Come in and try new fruits. Expand your horizons. Try that crazy looking fruit- the one you've never experienced before. Our diverse menu features Vegan, Veterinarian, Gluten-free, and non-GMO options with an eco-friendly business conscience.

Fresh Salad, Smoothies, Green Smoothies, Cold Press Juice, Green Salads, Wraps, Fruit Arrangements/Bouquets, Tea, Coffee are just some of the products we offer.

You and your family deserve a healthy diet.

It's real. It's simple. It's the Fruit Station. 

TEL: (214) 395-1561


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